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About TutorSmart

TutorSmart is a Non-Profit Organization serving the educational community and their partners. This work would not be possible without the generous donations of Individuals and Foundations that support youth development in our community.


TutorSmart aims to:


  • Work with existing After School tutoring providers to develop best practices through the development of common standards and metrics, while providing training and capacity building support to help providers improve quality and reach more students

  • Work with our partners to create a data system for continuous improvement that enables data-sharing between programs, parents, and schools, beginning with Toledo Public Schools

  • Work with our partners to develop a community-wide funding strategy that attracts new state and national funding while maximizing existing resources

Board of Directors


Nathan Anderson, Board Chair

General Manager, Radco Industries

Chuck Stocking, Vice Chair

CEO & President, Principle Business Enterprises, Inc

Maureen Kenney

General Partner, CareLink Nursing Services

Paul Smith


Michelle Klinger

Executive Director, Partners in Education

Karen Fischer


Rex Decker

Accountant, Rehmann

Marc Paulenich

COO, Senior VP, Strategy, Hart

Romules Durant

CEO & Superintendent, Toledo Public Schools

Steven Zirkel

President & CEO Blue Everest, LLC

Razi Rafeeq


Tiffany Adamski

Executive Director