TutorSmart is working with partners to deliver effective, intentional academic tutoring both virtually and in person (limited spots available)

Virtual Tutoring

  • Any Toledo Public Schools student enrolled in grades K-8 can attend virtual tutoring in our online Community Learning Collaborative (CLCs) sites. These virtual classrooms are organized by Learning Community feeder patterns, built on the TPS Google platform, and accessed through the AfterSchool Tutoring Google Classroom on your child's chromebook. Most CLCs are tutoring from 4-6pm 4 days a week.

In-Person Tutoring

  • Limited in person tutoring is available at the following sites:

  • The Art Tatum Zone at The Tabernacle on Pinewood *all day care

  • Padua Center on Nebraska *all day care

  • Believe Academy on Aurora Gonzalez *Child Care Center

  • Grace Church on Dorr St (4-6 pm M,T,H,F)

  • East Toledo Family Center (4-6 pm M & H)

  • First Alliance Church on Monroe (Coming Soon) *all day care

Additional Tutoring

  • Escuela SMART Virtual After School Tutoring

  • Central Academy of Ohio Virtual After School Tutoring (Coming Soon)

  • Believe Academy Lagrange (Coming Soon) *Child Care Center


  • Looking to offer tutoring for students at your school? Contact us today to discuss how TutorSmart can support your academic intervention needs after school.

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