• Tiffany Adamski

National Spotlight on Toledo and TutorSmart

While the world has been hunkered down for Covid-19, work at TutorSmart continues on and if its at all possible, with even more fervor than usual. Right now, our kids need us more than ever and the work that we have been doing in the afterschool community has laid an important foundation for the work still to come. Recently we were approached by the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) to write an article about the amazing work being done right here in Toledo, in partnership with Toledo Public Schools, TutorSmart, Aspire and our afterschool partners. The article is set to be published in the Fall edition of AfterSchool Today Magazine and we are so grateful for their recognition of the systems building work we are doing in Toledo. I am so incredibly proud of our community. Truly #youwilldobetterinToledo. While we wait for the fall edition, you can check out the summer issue by clicking on the cover below. Enjoy!

I will post links to the Fall 2020 Magazine with our article in it once it goes live. Thank you for believing in what we do. We do not and can not do this alone.

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