• Tiffany Adamski

TutorSmart featured in the 2019 Aspire annual report

Check out the section about our partner work with Aspire featured in their 2019 annual report. TutorSmart is working in alliance with Aspire to coordinate the after school tutoring in Toledo Public Schools across the city. Lack of a coordinated system of services makes it challenging for Toledo parents and their children to navigate options. The net result is that students are not consistently participating in high-quality out-of-school time programs and missing out on the opportunity to improve their academic performance and social well-being at a critical time in their development. With improved coordination, it is easier for schools, providers, parents, and public and private partners to connect youth with reputable, high-quality out-of-school time programs. Creating a network of independent programs requires good peer relationships, trust, a clear sense of shared purpose, and belief in the benefit of collective work.

You can check out the full annual report here at

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