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What we do

Why we do it

Students are tired at the end of a long school day. At TutorSmart we understand that and have built a centers based approach to keep things moving for optimal results.

In one hour each day, we move kids through:

  • Homework Help so that they are ready for the next school day (we know the LAST thing you want to do is pick your student up at dinner time and still have a mountain of homework to finish)

  • Online curriculum lessons so that we know what standards they have mastered and which ones they need next in order to grow and master their grade level content

  • Data-driven, individualized tutoring where students work in small groups on standards that they need to master

TutorSmart is typically delivered within a comprehensive after school program, Mondays through Thursdays throughout the school year. Our partners at the YMCA, After-School All-Stars, Partners in Education, Boys and Girls Clubs, The Art Tatum Zone, and more are really good at wrap around services with a whole child focus. TutorSmart is the academic intervention piece within these bigger programs. We are proud to partner with the best after school providers across our city to provide strong academic tutoring within their programs.

Ask your after school provider if they are partnered with TutorSmart and make TutorSmart a part of your after school schedule for your child.

TutorSmart is also available stand alone, online for our kids who just need that academic intervention on their own schedule. 

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